I love my Detroit luxury jacket. Everyone always coming up to me about it... even have females try it on and they also take photos with it on. I try not to always wear it but people like me to. Best clothing brand in the D!


You guys are the best clothing line in the d 💪🏾❤️💵


When I first saw @detroitluxuryclothing i was👀💯 i love the jackets the CEO posted but i was like do u do custom she was like yeah so i told her im a og i dont do credit cards so she said i will deliver it myself u can pick it up #FA Boss to another young Boss #fenkellave💯🍷 Then came DeJ Loaf and a host of others💯 so im glad i had faith early💯💪 Now go shop😃💯✌


Love the Detroit Luxury Clothing product, it's a unique way to show my style expression!


If you don't like @detroitluxuryclothing then you ain't hip!!! 😎