”You’re not from Detroit”, “You don’t act like you’re from Detroit”. What does that even imply? While these statements could be intended as compliments to me, they also carry an insulting undertone toward my city. At a certain point in my life, these messages would echo in my mind as I internalized the remarks people made about my city. That's when I began developing a resilient spirit, rooted in Detroit.

I was born and raised in the city (representing the Westside, also known as the BEST SIDE), specifically between Fenkell and Wyoming. It’s something about being from Detroit that has allowed me to have more opportunities that no other city could give me.

This is why I established this brand. It represents a distinctive style that only fellow Detroiters and those who appreciate us can recognize. I have consistently shown my love for the city and made efforts to educate those around me about the richness of our culture, tirelessly explaining how Detroit is an integral part of my identity. I grew weary of having to justify myself to outsiders who believed they understood our city solely based on news reports or hearsay from individuals who had never truly experienced the authentic Detroit. Due to their ignorance, those unfamiliar with our city often describe it as "dangerous and impoverished." 

This is precisely why I founded Detroit Luxury. I aimed to become a walking billboard where I no longer needed to vocalize my sentiments. I allowed my clothing to speak for itself. Our garments are meticulously designed to defy the stereotypes that both you and I face—challenges endured by our entire community.

- Chelsea